Ishrat, a multi-faceted fraudster, was finally caught

Published: ০২/০৮/২১

RAB has arrested a woman named Ishrat Rafiq Ishita on charges of cheating in the name of representatives of various international and domestic organizations and specialist doctors. The woman identified herself as a young medical scientist and researcher, a prominent negotiator aka diplomat, brigadier general and specialist physician, RAB said. The matter was confirmed on Sunday (August 1) by ASP ANM Imran Khan, Assistant Director, Legal and Media Wing, RAB Headquarters.

He said Ishrat Rafiq Ishita (IPC), a young medical scientist and researcher alias Diplomat alias Brigadier General alias Specialist Physician, has been arrested in a raid in Mirpur. One of his associates was also arrested. He also said that the details will be announced at a press conference held at RAB Media Center in Karwan Bazar yesterday afternoon.

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