Helena’s daughter took the horrible drug LSD

Published: ৩১/০৭/২১

Jessia Alam, daughter of Helena Jahangir, a businessman who was expelled from the Awami League’s women’s sub-committee, used dangerous drugs like lysergic acid diethalamide or LSD. Not only that, he also uses cannabis along with alcohol. It is learned that although her family sent her to study in Malaysia, she could not finish it. While abroad, he became addicted to various drugs including alcohol. After coming to the country, he was constantly involved in various drugs including LSD, cannabis and alcohol. Three bottles of foreign liquor were recovered from Helena’s daughter’s room during a raid at her Gulshan home in the capital on Thursday. He himself took out these liquors to the RAB. There are also some cannabis use equipment. Several RAB officials in the operation have given this information.

Helena Jahangir was recently removed from the post of sub-committee after her name appeared on Facebook as the president of an organization called ‘Bangladesh Awami Chakrijibi League’. Later, according to various intelligence reports, the Elite Force RAB raided Helena Jahangir’s house in Gulshan. During the operation, 19 bottles of foreign liquor, foreign currency, deer skin, knives and casino equipment were recovered. He was later arrested and taken to the RAB headquarters. Helena Jahangir has two daughters and a son. Helena’s two daughters were there during the expedition. Helena lived on the fourth floor of the house. There are more than 16 rooms. During the raid, three small bottles of foreign liquor were recovered from Jessie’s room. He brought out all this himself. Jessie also used the horrible drug LSD. During the operation, he said, “LSD has to be flown.” Other drug paraphernalia was also found in Jesse’s room.

After the death of a student of Dhaka University this year, the issue of the terrible drug ‘LSD’ came up in the media. Law enforcement arrested several people with this drug at different times. These drugs were brought to the country by parcel courier or luggage from abroad and sold in different places. According to the law enforcement agencies, the children of affluent families are addicted to this drug. According to Helena Jahangir’s family sources, Jessia was a little mentally deranged since childhood. He was then sent abroad to study. While there, he became involved in various drugs. Later he returned to the country without finishing his studies. At different times, Helena Jahangir also tried to bring him in a good way. But that was not possible.

Meanwhile, daughter Jessia Alam commented on the rescue of a bottle of liquor during the operation on Thursday night, ‘All this was consumed by her brother. They were at home. ‘Asked about the deer’s skin, Jessie said that the leaders who were in politics with her mother during her brother’s wedding had given it as a gift. It was hanging on the wall. During the operation, several RAB officials said on condition of anonymity that they recovered various equipments including drugs during the search of the house. At that time, wine was recovered from Helena’s daughter’s room. At that time he informed about the use of LSD. However, LSD could not be recovered by searching the room. In addition, the information of using LSD in exchanging messages with friends at different times has been matched.


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