Hundreds of children are dying in Indonesia due to corona violence

Published: ২৮/০৭/২১

According to Indonesian pediatricians, children account for 12.5 percent of all new cases of Kovid-19 infection in the country on a daily basis. Hundreds of children have died in recent weeks in Indonesia, the new epicenter of coronavirus infection in Asia. Many of the children who died prematurely were less than five years old. The mortality rate of such young children is much higher than in other countries. Doctors also claim that children are the least affected by covid.

The devastating Kovid-19 has claimed the lives of more than 100 children every week this month. The deaths come at a time when the number of infected people in Indonesia is at an all-time high. And as the death toll from people of all ages continues to rise, Indonesia’s political leaders have come under fire. They are being accused of lack of preparedness and turtle speed in dealing with the epidemic. Head of the Indonesian Pediatric Society. Aman Bhakti Pulungan said, “Our country has the highest infant mortality rate in the world. So the question may arise; Why can’t we provide the best treatment for our children? ” The main source of infection in Indonesia is now the delta variant of the Sars Cove-2 virus. In recent times, this type has spread throughout Southeast Asia. The heartbreaking incidence of infant mortality has increased in tandem with the spread of the delta.

However, the most alarming thing is that due to low immunization rates in most countries in the region, record levels of infection are being seen in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Low vaccination as well as the largest population density for Indonesia. The country with the world’s fourth largest population surpassed India and Brazil in the number of daily identities this month. As a result, not only Asia, but the whole world has become the center of the epidemic. Last Friday, the country’s government identified 1,556 deaths, including 50,000 new infections. According to Indonesian pediatricians, 12 and a half percent of the country’s new cases of covid-19 infection are children.

Executive Director of the Pediatric Association. Aman said the incidence of daily infections among children has recently increased compared to last month. As many as 150 children have died in the week since July 12, and more recently, half of the dead are under the age of five, he said. Officially, 63,000 people in Indonesia have died from Kovid-19, but health experts say the actual death toll from the disease is many times higher due to the low number of corona tests. According to many critics, even after the Delta variant caused a humanitarian catastrophe in India earlier this year, Indonesia’s political leadership has not given health experts the power to make direct decisions, ignoring their advice and allowing the virus to spread.

Alexander Raymond Arifianto, a research fellow at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, said: “From the beginning, the Indonesian government has not taken the epidemic seriously. Even the advice of experts who know the correct strategy to deal with the epidemic has not been heeded. ” In the face of criticism, Indonesian President Joko Widodo imposed additional restrictions on public gatherings and trade on Sunday. But at the same time, he decided to keep the conventional markets open in accordance with strict hygiene rules. Last Sunday, Joko said, “By the grace of God, we will be free of Kovid-19 through hard work together.” Then socio-economic activities will be able to return to normal. ”

Former businessman Joko has been against a severe lockdown since the beginning and has effectively delayed it for fear of stagnating the economy. He also said that the restrictions will be relaxed as the number of infections decreases. Health experts are not at all satisfied with the President’s message. Dr. Aman said 600 children under the age of 18 had died in the country since the outbreak, according to the government alone. However, most of the deaths have occurred since last month. A non-profit organization working to protect children – Save the Children’s Asian branch health consultant Dr. Yasser Arafat said: “The number of child deaths in the ongoing epidemic has been relatively low so far. That situation has changed now. ”

“Not only is there now a record number of infant deaths in some countries, such as Indonesia, but we are also seeing a lack of immunization of children against common diseases. Children are also being deprived of balanced nutrition, while such nutrition and vaccination are essential for their growth and immunity. Those involved need to be moved, “Arafat said. Other public health experts agree that there may be more than one cause of infant mortality. Many children have pre-existing physical problems and diseases such as; They said that due to diabetes, malnutrition and heart disease, Kovid is becoming weak in coping.

They also point to the low vaccination rate in Indonesia as a major factor. According to the Oxford University’s Our World in Data Project, only 17 percent of Indonesians received one dose of the vaccine, and only 6 percent received two doses. Unlike other countries, Indonesia does not vaccinate people under the age of 12. Most recently, however, vaccination has begun among 12- to 18-year-olds. However, this delay has led to the spread of Kovid-19 among children who have not been vaccinated against family and social infections.

Hospitals are overflowing with critically ill patients as infections continue to rise. No place to store sesame. Emergency wards have to be set up by setting up tents outside the verandah of the hospital. In this situation, most of the hospitals do not have the capacity to run separate covid wards for children. Dr. Aman asks, “Where do you take children when they are sick? In the emergency department? She hopes there is no gain, as every emergency ward is admitted to an adult patient. For the past few weeks we have been seeing patients wait a few days in a row to go to the emergency department. How can children be treated with this? ”

In addition, two-thirds of adult patients are currently isolated at home due to lack of capacity at the hospital, which increases the risk of children being infected, said Ridhi Rahmat, executive director of Hope, a non-profit healthcare project in Indonesia. He said that according to the custom, relatives and neighbors come to see the newborn after birth. So newborns are not risk free. “Some of the newborns died after being attacked by relatives and other family members after returning home from the hospital with the Kovid-19 free certificate. Such consequences cannot be accepted, ”added Ridhi.

Dr. Aman’s advice would be to make people aware as well as make it easier to protect children if they are forced to follow hygiene rules. “Adults have the most responsibility. They behave the most disobedient. Many times do not want to wear a mask. Go to crowded places with children. So if adults are aware, infant mortality can be reduced. ”

Source: New York Times

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