Why 69 percent of Covid infected are young, middle-aged?

Published: ২৭/০৭/২১

Young people aged between 25 and 35 years have recently been dying from coronavirus. On Monday (July 26), young writer-publisher Sarjeel Khan died of coronavirus at the age of just 27. In 2020, 45 percent of those infected and died of the virus were over 60 years. Before being contracted with coronavirus, many of them had kidney, heart, lung problems and diabetic diseases. They died because they could not cope with the impacts of coronavirus together with other diseases.

Compared to that, the young generation has been considered relatively safe for so long, but now the reality is different. Young people are now being heavily attacked with Covid-19 and have been dying. Experts say, the variants of coronavirus have changed that of the last year. as a result, even the young people are not safe from the death. Despite having immunity capabilities, the immune system is collapsing against the new variants of coronavirus.

According to the IEDCR, about 69 percent of corona infected patients in Bangladesh are young and middle-aged. They say, this is happening in the country because of the Indian Delta variant, the UK variant and the South African variant. Though 1 to 10 people were infected earlier, but now 1 to 16 people are being infected due to the variants.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), It seems that coronavirus had made the young generation target. It has been seen for so long that the elderly people across the world are mostly infected with the virus. But in recent times, people are dying in China, South Korea, Italy and other European countries; Most of them are young. The younger generation is now the most at risk. 30, 40 and 50-year old people are no longer safe from being infected with the virus.

What is the reason behind the sudden coronavirus infection for the young generation? WHO says, mutation of the coronavirus is the responsible for the increase of infections among younger people. Moreover, there is a lack of awareness among the younger generation. Young people are seeing that more adults are dying. That is why they are ignoring hygiene rules. For this, many have to pay the price with their lives.

Even after all this, it can be seen on the streets, many young people are still hugging and chatting. Some of them may have masks, some do not have. Someone is hanging the mask around his neck, some people also cover only the chin with the mask, remain the nose open. In the name of indifference, this smartness brings terrible danger.

Regarding the reason for the increase in the rate of coronavirus infection among the youth, Professor Manzur Rahman of Labaid Specialized Hospital said, the youth have gone to different places including Cox’s Bazar in groups. Who doesn’t know, this time most of the infections have been spread from Cox’s Bazar. Due to the negligence of the young generation and the laxity of the government, the infection of coronavirus is increasing. The inevitable result of that is the whole country, including the young generation, is now facing a terrible danger.

When asked, Professor Nazrul Islam said, “Our family structure is also responsible to infect the young generation more. Many families in Bangladesh still have parents, brothers and sisters- who are living together. Two brothers or two sisters live in the same room. Naturally, when one of the youngsters is infected outside, he goes home and infects his other family members.

Professor Farhad Manzoor of MR Khan Shishu Hospital said, “Though every death is painful, the death of young people is creating deeper wounds. The number of deaths of young people due to coronavirus is increasing day by day. It is important for the younger generation to be more vigilant in realizing the gravity of the situation. They will protect others of the family keeping protected themselves, that is the expectation.

Psychiatrist Professor Muhith Kamal believes, “Lately, the number of coronavirus infections and death of the young people is increasing. This is because they are reckless in their movements. Young people are going out unnecessarily. They think that Coronavirus infects only elderly people. But there are many differences between the symptoms of the previous Coronavirus and the symptoms of the current Delta variant.

Dr. Zubayer Ahmed said, “The current Delta variant is not giving concessions to rich-poor-young-old. Its infection has spread all over the country. So everyone has to be much more careful. Nobody should go outside of home or in public places. Even a slight fever-cold should be given importance. Consult with a doctor If you feel the need. Besides, everyone has to follow regular hygiene rules.

Along with health experts, the government is also concerned about the youth. Therefore, the age limit for coronavirus vaccination was initially 40 years, but on July 7 it was reduced to 35 years. Later it was reduced to 30 years. In the current reality, keeping in mind the issue of youth, the government has decided to bring it to 18.

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