Strict restrictions from July 23

Published: ২২/০৭/২১

State Minister for Public Administration Md. Farhad Hossain said the period of relaxation of restrictions is not extending. The 14-day strict ban will start from July 23. Confirming the matter on Wednesday night, the State Minister said the period of relaxation of restrictions is “not extending”. Restrictions will start on July 23 and will continue till August 5.

Wishing everyone a happy Eid, the State Minister said people of all classes and professions have been able to celebrate Eid beautifully as the government has relaxed restrictions before Eid. The people have been able to buy sacrificial animals well in the animal markets. Those who came to Dhaka before Eid will also be able to return home within the next day of Eid in a beautiful environment. The restrictions will start from July 23 the next day.

“If we abide by the restrictions for 14 days, we will be able to break the chain of infection. For this, everyone has to cooperate,” said Farhad Hossain, advising those who left Dhaka during Eid to “stay at home” if they could not return within the next day of Eid. Noting that he celebrated Eid in Dhaka, the State Minister for Public Administration said all offices would be closed during the ban. After the restrictions, they should return to Dhaka.

The government has imposed strict restrictions from 6 am on July 23 to 12 am on August 5 to curb the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. The notification of the Cabinet Division on strict restrictions said all types of public transport including government and private offices and factories will be closed at this time.

Earlier, the government relaxed the restrictions from midnight on July 14 to 6 am on July 23 for celebrating the holy Eid-ul-Azha, operating the public transport, conducting pre-Eid trade and commerce, socio-economic conditions and economic activities in the country.

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