Quader Mirza punched the old man

Published: ১৭/০৭/২১

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, Abdul Quader Mirza, the prominent mayor of Basurhat Municipality of Noakhali, opened his mouth about punching the old man while distributing sari and lungi among the helpless and poor. He posted a status on his Facebook page at 9.40pm on Friday (July 18).

Quader Mirza wrote in the status, ‘Dear countrymen, you know that since the lockdown of public life due to the epidemic coronavirus, I have been providing various assistance to the low-income helpless people from my municipality. Even before that, I always tried to be by the side of helpless poor people. From my municipality and my personal side, I have been helping not only the people of Companiganj, but also the helpless people of different villages including Kabirhat, Daganbhuiyan, Sonagazi, Senbagh. No man ever returned empty-handed from me expecting help.

Even today in my municipality more than one thousand sari-lungis of helpless people, cash to five hundred people and rice to about two thousand people are distributed. As thousands of people gathered in the small courtyard of the municipality, clothes had to be distributed quickly. So those who were distributed among them were told to leave quickly. At that time, a man was standing with his clothes on and even after saying more than once, he was not wearing a mask and he was being removed by hand to move quickly. He was not hurt here. He did not regret it.

While delivering so much relief to thousands of people at once, there may have been some unintentional negligence, in which case nothing was done intentionally. I am always by the side of helpless poor people. No one ever came to me for help and returned empty-handed. To the best of my ability, I will continue to serve the helpless poor as long as I live. I would expect everyone, without criticizing others, to extend a helping hand to the helpless poor people according to their ability. Help people without criticizing anyone. ‘

Confirming the status quo, Mayor Abdul Quader Mirza said on his mobile phone, “Bangabandhu Kanya Desaratna Jannetri Sheikh Hasina has instructed to give gifts to the helpless and poor without giving gifts to wealthy relatives or well-wishers on Eid.” In this context, today, with the help of public leader Mr. Obaidul Quader MP, we give sari, lungi, food and cash gifts to about 4,000 helpless poor people.

He added, “There may have been some unintentional negligence in distributing so much relief to thousands of people at once, but nothing has been done intentionally.” A man was being moved by hand to get away quickly because he was standing after getting clothes and not wearing a mask even after saying it more than once. He was not hurt here. He did not regret it.

It may be mentioned that a video of Noakhali Basurhat Municipality Mayor Abdul Quader Mirza punching a helpless old man while distributing saris and lungi among the helpless and poor on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha on Friday (July 18) morning went viral on social media Facebook. Quader Mirza faced widespread criticism over the issue.

In the 20 minutes and 58 seconds of Facebook Live, 16 minutes and 30 seconds can be seen, Kader Mirza giving a sari to an old man. When he wanted to change the old sari, Quader Mirza punched him in the chest and removed it.

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