Antibiotics not working in children with pneumonia

Published: ১৭/০৭/২১

Antibiotics are not working in children with pneumonia in Bangladesh, said a joint study by ICDDRB and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). This was informed in a press release signed by AKM Tariful Islam Khan, senior manager of ICDDRB on Thursday night. The press release said the ICDDRB and MGH found that children with pneumonia in Bangladesh often become “resistant to antibiotics” and in many cases die.

Dr. Mohammad Jobair Chisty, a senior scientist of the Nutrition and Clinical Services Division of ICDDRB, led the study. “Dozens of children died of pneumonia from 2014 to 2017, despite receiving World Health Organization-approved antibiotics and respiratory treatment at our hospitals,” said Dr. Chisty. Pneumonia – an infection of the lungs – causes fluid and pus to accumulate in the air sacs and causes cough, fever, breathing difficulties, and other symptoms. “Without effective treatment, this infection can cause death,” added Dr. Chisty.

According to the World Health Organization, pneumonia is the leading cause of death in young children. Pneumonia can be caused by a virus in children, but it can also be caused by certain bacteria. Further concern is that the fact that children infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria were 18 times more likely to die than those who did not have a bacterial infection.

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