Overflowing crowd of people in Jhenaidah Hat-Bazaar

Published: ১৩/০৭/২১

Zahidur Rahman Tariq, Jhenaidah: On the 12th day of lockdown in Jhenaidah, people are overflowing in Hat-Bazar, people’s presence on the road-highways has increased. Buyers and sellers have been buying and selling in the market since morning, the movement of people has increased in the city.

It was a distance to follow the hygiene rules. Many people were not seen wearing masks. The administration does not have such surveillance even in such a situation. Where the number of deaths is increasing along with the continuous increase in infection.

In such a situation, Awareness Mahal is fearing that if the administration and police department do not increase the supervision, the infection rate and the number of deaths may increase.


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