Cattle buyers and sellers fled after sensing the presence of the army

Published: ১৩/০৭/২১

Kalapara (Patuakhali) Representative. Buying and selling was going on at the cattle market of Nilganj union in Kalapara upazila of Patuakhali since Monday morning. At that time there was no social distance. The clock strikes exactly 11 o’clock. The mobile court appeared at that moment. He was accompanied by members of the Sonabahini and a team of police. As soon as they were seen, the cattle buyers and sellers ran away from the market.

Meanwhile, Executive Magistrate and Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Jagat Bandhu Mandal imposed a fine of Tk 4,560 on 10 people under the Infectious Diseases Prevention, Control and Eradication Act and Road Transport Act. Besides, Pashurhat adjacent to Pakhimar Bazar in Nilganj Union of the upazila was closed.

According to local sources, Pashurhat sat in different places of the upazila for seven days from last Tuesday to Monday during the ongoing lockdown. Although the administration has banned all kinds of public gatherings, a class of profiteering tenants is not abiding by the restrictions. Treta-vendors were standing side by side. There is no problem of social distance or hygiene in these cattle sheds.

On Monday morning, the Monachef trader went to the Pakhimara market to buy cows for sacrifice. He saw a member of the gold army and a team of police and returned without seeing the cows. Amir Hossain, a trader in Pakhima market, said that after hearing the news of the mobile court around 11 pm on Monday, the buyers left the cows and started running towards the seller. After that, Pashurhat of Pakhimara Bazar has become a pond.

Executive Magistrate and Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Jagat Bandhu Mandal said 10 people have been fined in separate cases for violating health rules in rural markets. Besides, the illegal cattle market of Pakhimara market has been closed.

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