How sacrificial cattle to be sold in this year’s hats

Published: ১২/০৭/২১

The pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19) cases and deaths in the country is not reducing in any way and this list is rising almost every day. Amid this, Eid-ul-Azha will be celebrated on July 21. During this, there is no end to the worries of farmers and general people about how the Cattle Hat will be run. Meanwhile, the second phase of the government-announced ‘all-out’ or ‘strict’ lockdown is coming to an end on July 14. A meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee on Coronavirus will be held on Monday to decide whether the strict lockdown will increase.

State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain said on Sunday that the government is monitoring the situation. This time, Covid-19 has spread horribly. This process (ongoing strict restrictions) “must be continued”. Cattle Hat for Eid-ul-Azha is a big challenge. The government wants to deal with it in a well-regulated manner, State Minister for Public Administration also said. “Besides the digital cattle market, there will also be normal hats all over the country. Due to the COVID, the idea of setting up a cattle market in an open field with boundaries is under consideration.”

State Minister Farhad Hossain added that “the hat will be run for six days from July 15 to July 20”. Everyone has to come to the hats following the hygiene rules. “There will be 3 ways to the market. The sellers will enter the hat with one gate with their animals, the buyer will enter by another gate and will exit by another. People have to come to the hat keeping in mind COVID deaths and infections. The government will take action as recommended by the Specialized Committee on Number and Condition of Hats, he also said.

Regarding the home return of garment workers on Eid, the State Minister said garment owners have been asked to give them “short leave”. They have been asked not to go to the village this Eid. It has also been directed to form village committees in villages to reduce coronavirus.

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