Bubly’s warning message over Brazil-Argentina match

Published: ০৯/০৭/২১

Bangladeshi fans and supporters of both Brazil and Argentina are recently causing various debates and unfortunate incidents. Now Dhallywood popular actress Shabnom Bubly got involved in this Brazil-Argentina heat and debate.
Staying in a neutral position, the Dhallywood’s glamour girl urged the supporters of the two teams to be reposeful.

In a Facebook message post on her page, Shabnom Bubly wrote, “We the Bengalis love to entertain ourselves with movies, games or many more of that. I am very proud to be such a joy-loving nation but at the same time when we see or hear the people of our country, especially the supporters of Argentina-Brazil, are fighting, scuffling, insulting, abusing, arguing, quarreling, shouting and committing suicide. Which is really sad.”

Giving a warning message to all, the ‘Bossgiri’ actress wrote, “For whom we are doing all this, they do not know that they have so many fans in Bangladesh! Even people in their own country just enjoy playing, but I don’t know if they do these like us.”

“Of course, I can be a supporter, but fighting committing suicide for other country’s game – it’s a bit too much, Bubly’s writes further. Requesting all, the star added: “So please! There must be love or support for a favorite team and of course I respect that. But it does not go to the stage of exaggeration by harming ourselves.

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