Synesis IT is providing technical support to the NEIR project

Published: ০৮/০৭/২১

[Dhaka, 08 July 2021] – The country’s leading ICT company “Synesis IT” is providing technical assistance to BTRC in the process of registering all types of mobile handsets besides banning illegal and counterfeit handsets. In the meantime, all the active handsets of the customers in the network have been automatically registered with  National Equipment Identity Registrar (NEIR). It may be mentioned here that, the “Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission ” has reportedly taken up the NEIR project to prevent the import of illegal mobile handsets, reduce the level of theft, increase national security and revenue by preventing mobile-based crime.

The experimental activities of the National Equipment Identity Registrar (NEIR) have started from July 1. The new mobile phones that will be added to the network, the validity of the handset will be verified through NEIR while keeping the network active. If the handset is valid, it will be registered automatically.

In November 2020, the local company Synesis IT signed an agreement with BTRC to implement the NEIR project. According to the agreement, they have introduced the National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR) system within the stipulated time.

Meanwhile, there is a huge demand of around three crore mobile handsets in Bangladesh every year of which 25 to 30 percent of smartphones are imported illegally. Due to this, the government loses revenue of 1 thousand to 1 thousand 200 crore. Moreover, the NEIR system will reduce the level of mobile phone theft as well as various types of mobile phone-based crimes.

Rupayan Chowdhury, Group CEO, Synesis IT said, “We have been able to launch NEIR within the stipulated time and it has been implemented by our own technology and local skilled engineers, which we consider to be a symbol of Bangladesh’s capability in information technology. We believe that NEIR will play an important role in the economy and national security of the country.

Aminul Bari Shuvro, General Manager and Head of Information Technology and Infrastructure, Synesis IT, said, “With the sincere cooperation of BTRC, we have been able to successfully launch the pilot activities of NEIR on time. This project is a symbol of Bangladesh’s capability. This capability proves that, we have kept pace with the world. I believe that the radiant youth and patriotism that I see among our young technologists will lead the way to a truly Digital Bangladesh.

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