Man returns alive after 13 years of disappearance in deep sea

Published: ০৮/০৭/২১

Milon Akon, son of Shah Alam Akon of ward no. 3 in Kuakata municipality, went missing in 2008 while fishing at Kuakata beach in Patuakhali. After 13 years, he returned from the deep sea to his family alive on Thursday. After coming back alive so many years, there has been a stir about Milon in the ara and among the locals.
“My son went fishing in the sea in 2008. He was accompanied by two others named Farooq and Khokon. No one returned. We searched for them a lot,” Milon’s father Shah Alam Akon told reporters.

“Suddenly two days ago, we heard Milon was found in Taltali in Barguna. Later, his mother went there and brought him home,” he said, adding: “I am sure this is my son.”

Milon Akon got married four months before went missing. Six years after the incident, they married off Milon’s wife named Pakhi to another family.“After 13 long years, I have found my son back in my arms,” said Milon’s mother Minara Begum who shed tears in joy after getting his son back alive.

“I spent a lot of time on the beach looking for my boy. Today I have nothing more to ask for. My son is now mentally ill. We will treat him. When he recovers, he will be able to tell where he has been for so long,” she told the correspondents.

Monir Sharif, councilor of ward no. 3 of Kuakata municipality, said Milon went missing in 2008 while fishing and today his family brought him home from Taltoli in Barguna. “The cut marks that his father, mother and family are talking about are perfectly matched. I also confirmed the identity of Milon through the fishermen who worked with him,” he added.

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