I have somehow survived the discomfort in the BNP: Major Hafeez

Published: ০৮/০৭/২১

Expressing regret, BNP Vice Chairman Major (Retd) Hafizuddin Ahmed said, “I have somehow survived in the BNP with discomfort.” He expressed his regret in a virtual discussion on the occasion of formation of Mukti Bahini Z Force in the liberation war of 1971 on Wednesday (July 7) afternoon at the initiative of BNP’s’ Golden Jubilee Freedom Fighters’ Honors Committee ‘.

Hafizuddin thanked the organizers at the beginning of his speech for hosting a discussion on Z Force. “I am surprised that the name of Z Force was not heard after the death of Ziaur Rahman,” he said. “Perhaps when we are in power, we are busy praising the living leaders,” he said. There is no time to think about the martyrs.

Major (Retd) Hafeez said, ‘Everyone knows Ziaur Rahman as a successful statesman. But he did not get a chance to know how skilled a warlord he was and how vital he was in the war of liberation. Because history has been constantly distorted. Hafizuddin Ahmed lamented, “Four of the Z Force’s war heroes were in the BNP. A Colonel Akbar Hossain has passed away. On the other hand, two other Colonel Oli and Major Shamser Mubin have joined the other team, I am the only one who has somehow survived with a lot of discomfort.

Besides, BNP standing committee member said. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain said, “Those who have been in power for the last 12 years in a fascist manner are confusing the people and this generation by completely distorting the history of the country’s liberation war and 50 years of independence just to consolidate power. He further said, “We want to remember the sacrifices of our freedom fighters, their bravery again and again with respect and with that motivation we want to build a happy-prosperous, democratic, self-reliant, independent-sovereign Bangladesh – that is our oath.

The meeting was chaired by retired Major Shahjahan Omar Bir Uttam, convener of the BNP’s Golden Jubilee Freedom Fighters’ Honors Committee, and chaired by retired secretary Colonel Joynal Abedin. Roy Chowdhury, Abdus Salam, Member of the Advisory Council to the Chairperson, Retired Major General Syed Muhammad Ibrahim Bir Pratik, Chairman of Kalyan Party, Sadek Ahmed Khan of Muktijoddha Dal and others.

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