Kishwar claims her place in top 5 of MasterChef Australia

Published: ০৬/০৭/২১

Bangladesh’s Kishwar safely made it to the top 5 of MasterChef Australia The top six contestants from the latest season of MasterChef Australia competed in Martin Benn’s Society Service Challenge on Monday, July 5. The challenge was followed by a surprise elimination. However, Bangladesh’s Kishwar was declared safe at the end of the round, and she made it to the top 5 of the 13th season of MasterChef Australia.

The four other contestants are Linda Dalrymple, Pete Camobell, Justin Narayan and Elise. A 38-year old Bangladeshi from Melbourne, Kishwar brought classic local dishes — including “Kala bhuna,” ” Fuchka-Chotpoti,” “Macher-Jhol” and other delicacies, all the way to MasterChef kitchen. Kishwar, the mother of two, wants to write a Bangladeshi cookbook to keep the legacy of her family alive. In a recent conversation with Dhaka Tribune, Kishwar said that she learnt a lot from her experience in Masterchef’s kitchen.

“I grasped a better understanding of my food and saw its significance through the eyes of all the guest chefs and judges. Also learnt about the value of seasonal and local ingredients. “My goal right now is to write my cookbook and be in a professional kitchen,” she said.

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