Savar garment workers suddenly losing consciousness

Published: ০৬/০৭/২১

Workers at a ready-made garment (RMG) factory in Savar, Dhaka have been falling ill one after another for the past 15 days with various symptoms including vomiting and headaches. Currently, they are being treated at the nearest hospital, however, eyewitness workers cannot tell the cause of their colleagues’ illness. The incident took place at Donglian Fashion (BD) Limited factory in the Bashundhara area of Ashulia on Saturday morning. The ill workers were later admitted to the nearby Habib General Hospital.

According to eyewitnesses, one worker fell ill in the morning. As soon as he was taken to the hospital, at least 14 others fell on the floor inside the factory with symptoms of vomiting and headaches. Later, they were also admitted to the hospital. Workers say this number is “higher” today. Every day one after another falling ill. This problem has occurred for the “15 days”. “When the workers fell ill, the senior officials videoed them and said they were ‘acting’, so they do not take them to hospitals,” alleged a worker of Donglian Fashion, reluctant to disclose his name. “We are forcibly bringing them to the hospitals.”

Billu Das, the manager of Habib General Hospital, said several workers of a factory had been brought in “worse condition”. Doctors are giving them first aid. The doctor will be able to tell what actually happened after the observation. However, it was not possible to contact anyone from Donglian Fashion (BD) Limited. Even journalists have been barred from entering the factory.

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