I haven’t heard porimonir name before: Taslima

Published: ০৬/০৭/২১

Controversial writer Taslima Nasreen has stood by the popular actress Parimani of Dhaliwood. He expressed his respect and love for his girlfriend through his Facebook post. Taslima writes, I see like a horn fish on Facebook, all the ugly insults against the heroine of Bangladesh are jumping up and down every day.

When people get angry against a girl, they attack her from a decade, they become so mad that if they reach her, they will tear her up, throw her, burn her, bury her, rape her, kill her, cut her to pieces and then float her somewhere. My idea is that the girl must be a very good girl, honest girl, brave girl, straightforward girl. This is what my own life experience says.

He further wrote, I don’t watch Bangladeshi movies. I have never heard the name of the bride before. But I am expressing my respect and love to him from afar. Not all girls struggle, some do. Some girls struggle to bring a better situation for all girls from age to age. Some of these struggling girls are milestones one by one.

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