Prayers in the mosque for the recovery of Councilor Babu

Published: ০৫/০৭/২১

Milad and prayer mahfils have been held at various mosques in Narayanganj City Corporation’s 17th Ward Councilor Abdul Karim Babu and his wife to seek their recovery. On Sunday and Monday, Councilor Babu’s well-wishers have organized prayer mahfils in mosques in different areas of the city and suburbs.

After Asr on Monday, prayers were held at mosques in Nayapara, Jallar Par, Paukpara, Bhuiyan Para, Bau Bazar, Kadiria Nagar, Hossaini Nagar, Masdair and other areas for the recovery of Councilor Babu and his wife. Earlier, a prayer mahfil was held at the DIT Mosque in the Muslim city and town of Fatullah last Saturday.

It may be mentioned that Abdul Karim Babu, a councilor of Ward No. 18 of Narayanganj City Corporation and known as a food peddler, has contracted the corona virus. Since the outbreak of the corona virus last year, Councilor Babu has been conducting awareness-raising activities, including the distribution of various safety materials. He is working to ensure the service of the ward residents at the risk of his life in the Corona situation.

Since the Corona situation, Councilor Babu has delivered food items to the residents of Ward No. 18 in different steps. Councilor Abdul Karim Babu distributed the most food items in 26 wards of Narayanganj City Corporation in Corona situation.

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