Novera used to drive rickshaw on Dhaka’s road for 1hr daily

Published: ০১/০৭/২১

The trailer of filmmaker Amitabh Reza Chowdhury’s second movie ‘Rickshaw Girl’ has been released. The 2.18 minutes trailer has received a lot of responses on social media.
The film is based on the story of Indian-American author Mitali Perkins’ teenage novel ‘Rickshaw Girl’. Novera Rahman has portrayed the role of ‘Naima’, a girl who drives a rickshaw for livelihood in the film.

Novera said she had various experiences while shooting for the film. “I am getting a very positive response after the release of the trailer. Honestly, it feels really good to get audience feedback,” she said.

“Here I played the role of a rickshaw puller,” she said about her character in the film. “At first, I thought I would drive a rickshaw in the set. But no, the director told me to drive a rickshaw on the road. Due to this, I had to learn to drive a rickshaw.”

Novera Rahman added that she used to drive a rickshaw on the streets of Niketan for an hour every day, which was very difficult. “I have merged with the character at one time through hard work,” said Novera Rahman.

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