Nikhil sends divorce notice to Nusrat

Published: ২৪/০২/২১

The rumor on “Nusrat-Nikhil splits” has now intensified as Nikhil Jain sent a divorce notice to Nusrat Jahan, a Tollywood actress and a Member of Parliament. However, Nikhil does not want to say anything about this issue right now. According to Indian media reports, Nusrat still uses Nikhil’s credit card. Even Nikhil never opposed this. He did not open his mouth about the rumors of Nusrat’s relationship with Yash or their “vacation” in Rajasthan.

No anti-Nusrat post was seen on Nikhil’s social media either. On the contrary, he hinted on Valentine’s Day that “even if Nusrat changes, he remains the same.” But eventually, he was forced to take this step. However, Nusrat has not yet opened his mouth about this.

According to Instagram, Nikhil has maintained a good relationship with Nuzhat Jahan, sister of Nusrat Jahan, despite his bitter relationship with her.

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