Facebook agrees to remove Al Jazeera report: Jabbar

Published: ২১/০২/২১

Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar today said that the authorities of Facebook have agreed to remove Al Jazeera’s report “All the Prime Minister’s Men” from its platform.
Mustafa Jabbar also said that talks are underway with the concerned authorities to remove the report from YouTube.

“We talked with Facebook and Youtube authorities for several times. They asked us to submit legal documents regarding the matter. Later we submited the High Court order,” the minister told media on Saturday evening.

“Now, they have informed us officially that the Al Jazeera report will be removed from the platforms soon,” the minister added.

Earlier on 17 February, the High Court ordered the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to take steps immediately to remove the video of a controversial report titled “All the Prime Minister’s Men” released on Qatar-based media outlet Al Jazeera from all online platforms.

A virtual high court bench comprising Justice Md. Mojibur Rahman Mia and Justice Md. Kamrul Hossain Molla gave the directive after the hearing.

An investigative report on Bangladesh was aired on Al Jazeera on February 1, which caused a huge reaction. Officially, the report has been strongly protested

The High Court, on February 10, appointed six Amici Curiae to seek their views on whether the court can order the ban of the Qatar-based television channel Al Jazeera television network in Bangladesh and the removal of “All the Prime Minister’s Men” from the online platform.

The six lawyers were – Senior Lawyer and Former Attorney General AJ Mohammad Ali, Former Attorney General Fida M Kamal, Senior Lawyer Abdul Matin Khasru, Senior Lawyer Kamal Ul Kamal, Prabir Niyogi and Lawyer Shahdin Malik.

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