Abdul Kader passes away

Published: ২৬/১২/২০

Popular actor Abdul Kader has passed away (Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un) on Saturday morning. He was 69.
He breathed his last at 8:20 am on Saturday while undergoing treatment at Evercare Hospital in the capital. Abdul Kader’s daughter-in-law Zahida Islam Jamie confirmed this information to Daily Bangladesh.

Earlier on December 20, Abdul Kader, who was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, returned to Dhaka from Chennai’s Christian Medical Hospital in India.

Zahida Islam Jamie said that the Renowned actor had been suffering from cancer. He was taken to Chennai on December 8 for advanced treatment. He was diagnosed with cancer on December 15 after an examination at a hospital there. Doctors said his condition was critical and cancer had spread throughout his body. He was not given chemotherapy due to his physical condition.

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