Anikar, a 10th class student of Amjad Ali High School in Habiganj, made a remarkable statement about corona virus

Published: ৩০/০৫/২০

farid ahmad sikdar (Habigonj) : I start in the name of ALLAH, Currently the victim of the most terrifying deadly fight in the world, known as ‘’CORUNA VIRUS’’. At a time when the people of all countries are happily engaged in developing the country with creativity, the deadly virus of public interest stands in front of us. Who knew that virus would become a curse for us. By saying goodbye to 2019 with joy and excitement, That is erases all the sorrows of the old year and to welcome 2020, people from all over the world come among us to catch the vicious VIRUS called compassion.

The VIRUS called CORUNA goes viral when people are busy with their hopes, intentions and dream careers by saying goodbye to the old and bringing newness to the forefront. Even then, people around the world did not attach much importance to the survival of the VIRUS. They continue their daily work. Whenever VIRUS grows rapidly, that is, mathematically, it spreads to more than 213 countries around the world, for example the USA, UK, Italy, France, Italy. Millions of people around the world are dying as a result of the dreaded VIRUS called CORUNA. Currently, the situation in CORUNA is getting worse and worse. The death toll has crossed 364,544 worldwide. And widely almost 5,976,745 people are sufferers in this case that is COVID 19. Otherwises , already 2,631,378 peoples are recovered this CORUNA VIRUS .

Almost every country in the world is suffering from it, besides it has spread like wildfire in Bangladesh. The first compassionate patient was identified in Bangladesh on March 7, when Bangladesh welcomed the new year of 2020 and everyone is working hard to build the challenge of 2021 ‘Digital Bangladesh’. In almost every country in the world, various restrictions and lockdowns have been put in place to protect them from mercy. Despite following the lockdown law, countries like Bangladesh have not been able to implement the lockdown properly. As a result, COVID 19 has spread due to human negligence. “There is no medical system like in developed countries. ‘’There is no precaution’’. As a result, the rate of infection is increasing.

Schools, colleges, universities, industries, factories and other business establishments have been shut down, which has affected people from all walks of life in almost every country in the world. They have to live without eating. For them, organizations like UNESCO, UNICEF and WHO are working for them, just like in Bangladesh and different organizations like government and akdesh like other’s agency are standing by the side of the people affected by this pity and providing various assistance. Despite the simplicity, the help is not reaching the glass of the suffering people in terms of demand. Moreover, the middle class such as teachers and professionals are also victims of that situation.

They are unable to do anything because of their self-esteem. Proverbs “A student is the future of the nation” but those leaders are being adversely affected Students all over the world are being severely affected Even though developing countries have online education system in poor countries like Bangladesh there is no such system but Bangladesh government and various organizations are trying their best to adopt online education Even if there is an opportunity to take action, there is no way to take advantage of that opportunity. As a result, the poorest students in the village are affected.

The students are losing interest in their studies and their bright future is being ruined day by day. In such a way, the victims are being harmed internationally, socio-politically and even at every level. Like other countries in the world, Bangladesh is also a victim of that situation. Bangladesh has to face a big challenge to overcome it. However, people are not aware of the risk of risking their lives by going out with various excuses. Since nothing can be said about CORUNA VIRUS yet, we all need to be aware. We need to increase our self-confidence. We need to raise public awareness. We have to follow awareness, we have to be careful. As there is no treatment for disease causes by NOVAL CORUNA VIRUS. All Worldwide people should understand basic information about CORUNA VIRUS disease. Be aware of fake information / myths that may calculate by all .

We all must follow the lockdown rules .All our wishes will really work for COVID 19 since we are all followers of one religion or another, we must follow religion, every epidemic in religious language is a test for people, so we have to be careful, then we have to protect ourselves from family members and neighbors. I can even save the world. “Stay Home, Stay Safe & Stay Healthy”. AMIN .


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