Safa Kabir appearing with seven Eid plays

Published: ২২/০৫/২০

The most popular TV actress Safa Kabir is appearing with seven plays in this year’s Eid. Even though shooting stopped from mid-March, she did these plays before the coronavirus outbreak begun in the country.
“I did the last shooting on March 20 on a single Eid play ‘Fao Girl’. Since then I have been at home,” said Safa Kabir, regarding her Eid plays.

She is currently busy uploading new content on her YouTube channel. She is making and uploading videos of cooking shows, gaming with friends online, or hacks that friends like.

During the coronavirus situation, Safa extended a helping hand to the indigent actors and the general public. But the actress wants to keep the matter very private. In this regard, Safa said, “The issue of assistance is not a matter of publicity but perception.”

Addressing the fans, Safa Kabir said, “Stay safe at home without going out unnecessarily. Do your favorite things at home.”

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