Zero coronavirus deaths by late June, predicts British expert

Published: ২০/০৫/২০

The daily number of deaths from coronavirus could be approaching zero by the end of June, a British expert has suggested. It came as the number of deaths officially linked to Covid-19 in England and Wales fell for a third week in a row in the week, providing fresh hope the worst of the pandemic may be over. Professor Carl Heneghan, director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, said: “I think by the end of June we’ll be looking at the data and finding it difficult to find people with this illness, if current trends continue.”

The figures from the Office for National Statistics, which collects the official count of weekly deaths, were backed up Downing Street numbers that showed a falling toll of victims with 545 deaths from Covid-19 in hospitals, care homes and private homes on Tuesday, bringing the total during the outbreak to 35,341, Although the 545 daily count in the UK was a jump following the usual weekend lull in recording, it was a fall of 13 percent on the 627 tally from a week earlier.

Professor Dame Angela McLean, deputy chief scientific adviser, said there was a ‘sustained decline across all four of our nations’ in the numbers of Covid-19 hospital patients requiring mechanical ventilation – a marker of those who have been worst affected after contracting the virus. She also said there was a continued ‘steady decline’ in the number of coronavirus-related deaths.  In hospitals the falling number of victims even pushed numbers of fatalities below usual levels for this time of the year. : Reports The Daily Mail


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