India’s President decides to forego 30% salary cut for a year

Published: ১৫/০৫/২০

India’s President Ram Nath Kovind will take 30 percent less salary for a full year to help the country fight against novel coronavirus (COVID-19). He also decided to reduce the cost of travel and formal banquets throughout the year. A statement issued by the Indian Presidential Palace confirmed the information.

The statement said Ram Nath Kovind himself had given the instructions. Earlier in March, he gave one month’s salary to the PM Care Fund. Though the move was too small to make India self-reliant and fight the epidemic challenge, but it was important, the statement added.

Apart from reducing fuel and other costs, Ram Nath Kovind also emphasized on reducing inter-country travel. He spoke of reaching out to people through technology. He also emphasized on online meetings at that time.


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