Forest guards sue deer hunters in Sundarbans

Published: ১৩/০৫/২০

Shaiful Islam Kabir, Bagerhat: The forest guards have turned against the deer hunters of sundarbans. They are now facing a kind of escape after being hunted down by the poachers. The pride of the thieves has caused great anger and frustration among forest officials. He says, “The thief’s mother is a big voice.” The forest department is in a state of shock. On January 17, the forest division filed a case against Yusuf Sheikh, son of A. Haque Sheikh, 35, of the village of Dhabri in Kawkhali district of the district of Shahrankhola, and three sons of A. Hamid Musuli, 35, Hanif Musuli , 33, and Asad Musulli, 30. Three and a half months after the incident, the thieves filed a counter case against the forest guard in the jail on May 1.

On January 16, the forest guards of The Tamblebunya Tohl Of the Dhansagar Station of The Range challenged by regularly visiting two dinghy boats in the Kalmula area of the forest during the patrol, said The Chandpai Range Officer (ACF) of East Sundarbans. The forest guards searched the four boats and seized deer hunting traps, a prohibited crab and several crabs. The poachers, who were in a state of shock, attacked the forest guards and fled to the forest. The forest guards Abul Bashar and Motaleb Hossain were seriously injured in their attack. On January 17, the acting officer of Tambalbunya Tohl Fandi (OC) Mizanur Rahman filed a case against four persons in the Sharankhola police station. Case No. 5, Section 332, 353, 307, 379, 427, 506 Penal Court.

On the other hand, Sohrab Hossain of Mithakhali village in Mongala district, on behalf of the Asims, filed a counter case against the forest guard for allegedly beating them. In that case, The Case of Tambalbunya Tohl Fandi Osi Mizanur Rahman, BM Abul Bashar and Motaleb Hossain were acquitted. The chargesheet was filed in the court against the Asims after the forest department’s investigation proved that the case was registered, said S.I.S.I. Kumar, the investigating officer (IO) of Sharankhola. The other case is under investigation. SK Abdullah Al Said, the acting officer of The Sharankhola Police Station (OC), said the case was filed after he brought a medical certificate and described the incident.

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