Chattogram Police provide iftar to 800 RMG workers

Published: ১৩/০৫/২০

Kotwali Police Station of Chattogram with the cooperation of some voluntary social organisations and people provided free iftar to 800 ready-made garment workers (RMG) in different parts of the port city on May 12. Besides the police station, Bidyanondo Foundation, Al Manahil Welfare Foundation Bangladesh and Pathorghata Omar Ali Market’s Md Mohiuddin and Md Yusuf Arman have contributed financially to the initiative.

Mohammad Mohsin, officer-in-charge of the police station, said, When we are working to save people from coronavirus, they (RMG workers) are working to save the economy of the country during this crisis. Though we (police) have some weapons and armor to fight corona, they (RMG workers) are fighting with bare hands. So as a token of love, we have given iftar to the 800 frontline fighters through our Mobile Iftar Party.

Omar Faruk, volunteer of Bidyanondo Chattogram, said the organisation distributes 5,000 iftar packets among people in Chattogram city everyday with the help of nine police stations.

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