Newborn Among Migrants Forced To Wait In 40 Degrees As Truck Breaks Down

Published: ১১/০৫/২০

A one-month-old was among a group of 80 people who had packed themselves into a truck near Mumbai to take a journey of over 1,500 km to their villages in Uttar Pradesh, risking being stopped at state borders and running out of food during the coronavirus lockdown.

When NDTV caught up the group on the Mumbai-Nashik road this afternoon, their Sultanpur-bound truck had broken down. The temperature was close to 40 degrees. There were three pregnant women and many young children too in the group. They were sitting on the ground by the road of the road, waiting for the truck to be repaired.

Last night, another truck carried around 60 people, including a five-month-old from Mumbai to Uttar Pradesh. While most of them were sitting inside the truck, some were standing, trying to get hold of food packers and water bottles. Social distancing was on the bottom of the priority list as each person struggles to find a corner for themselves. Source: NDTV

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