Mum used to say, don`t give up hope: Momtaz

Published: ১০/০৫/২০

Popular folk music artist Momtaz thinks that the most important person behind today’s position is her mother Ujala Begum. She has indicated the same thing about her mother on World Mother’s Day. Momtaz said, “Mother has worked hard for us all her life.” There is no way to deny the contribution of the person behind my becoming today’s Momtaz, my becoming today’s Member of Parliament and above all becoming a good person, she is my great mother. My mother always used to say, don’t give up hope – a beautiful time in life will come one day or another.

She further said “Allah has proved to me that mothers’ dreams never go unfulfilled. Never-ending gratitude to Allah, that He gave me in the womb of such a mother. The only thing I want now is to be around my mother so that she can be well and healthy till the last day of her life so that she can smile happily with everyone in my family including me. “My mother has suffered all her life,” she said. I don’t want to hurt my mother a little for any reason.

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