Farmers to get money from selling goods at home

Published: ০৯/০৫/২০

In the country’s current coronavirus situation, the Postal Department has launched a service called ‘Krishak Bandhu Daak Seba’ to deliver the agricultural products produced by marginal farmers to the wholesale market in the capital Dhaka free of charge. Under this service, the farmer will get the money for the product he sells at home through the digital platform. Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar inaugurated the service through a videoconference from his official residence at Bailey Road in the capital on Saturday.

The service, initially, this service was introduced to the farmers of Manikganj district for vegetable transportation without charge. As a result, the farmer will get a fair price for his products without any middleman. The vehicles of the Postal Department will be used to transport the goods produced by the farmers. It will not require any additional expenditure of the government. This service will be launched across the country in phases.

Mustafa Jabbar said that the farmers are most at risk due to the shutdown of vehicles for lockdown. They are producing products but not able to market these. “We are trying to stay by the side of the marginal farmers by delivering their products to the capital Dhaka free of cost. The Minister quoted various directions given by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina from her address to the nation in the crisis created by the COVID-19. He said the Prime Minister has given special importance to the agricultural sector to keep our production active and vibrant and to prevent the food crisis in the country. “On behalf of the Postal Department, we would like to take part in the implementation of this intention.

On the first day, ‘Krishak Bandhu Daak Seba’ started its journey to Dhaka at 10:00 am with – 1,200 kg of onion, 60 kg of green chilies, 60 kg of eggplant, 60 kg of bitter melon, 60 kg of gourd, 60 kg of luffa, 60 kg of okra, 120 kg of cucumber and 180 kg of Crookneck pumpkin – from Jhitka Bazar of Manikganj district without fee – these products will be delivered to Gabtoli Krishibazar and Minabazar Dhanmondi. Minabazar, Chaldal and Parking Bazar are buying these products directly through digital platforms from farmers.

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