N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un ‘hiding’ from coronavirus!

Published: ২৯/০৪/২০

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was absent from a state ceremony in mid-April to avoid the coronavirus. Even there is speculation about his whereabouts and health, said Kim Yeon Chul, Unification Minister of South Korea, who oversees North Korea engagement, on Tuesday. Earlier, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was absent from a public holiday on April 15 marking the birth anniversary of North Korea’s founder and grandfather, Kim Il Sung.

“Kim Jong Un’s absence on Sung’s birthday is rare,” Kim Yeon Chul said while giving a speech in the South Korean parliament. Besides, this leader has not been seen in public since that day. Since then, rumors about his condition have been circulating in the international media for the past few days, he also said. South Korean officials say they have not identified any unusual activity in North Korea. They also advised caution in reporting on Kim Jong Un’s illness.

In a speech to the parliament, Minister Kim Yeon Chul told that Kim Jong Un had never been absent from Kim Il Sung’s birth anniversary since reigning in power. However, Kim Jong Un has not been seen at least twice since mid-January for about 20 days. “So, Kim’s absence from the coronavirus situation was not unusual,” he further added.

United States President Donald Trump on Monday claimed that he had a good idea of what Kim Jong Un is doing. He also said that “Kim is healthy and well.” However, Trump did not agree to provide any details about Kim. Meanwhile, North Korea claims that no one in the country has been diagnosed with coronavirus so far. There was no outbreak of the virus due to strict measures taken to prevent this, the country also said.

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