RAB rush to take pregnant mother for hospital

Published: ২৮/০৪/২০

A woman was going through throe at home in Sreemangal in coronavirus crisis. Not even the known auto-rickshaw drivers were agreeing to take the pregnant mother to hospital. But ASP Anwar Hossain Shamim, Commander of RAB-9 Sreemangal camp, came with a vehicle to take the helpless mother to hospital. This saved the mother and her upcoming child from great danger. Nirmal Pal of Sreemangal area has posted some pictures on Facebook of the RAB commander’s unique activities while rescuing the pregnant woman and taking her to the hospital. The commander has been admired by all for this great job.

Nirmal Pal said in his post that his aunt was undergoing throe at 11:30 pm on Sunday. Then the bleeding started. However, the newborn was not being delivered. Then it was decided to take the mother to the hospital. However, after many searches, no car was found at night. No response was received by calling the known autorickshaw drivers. Auto-rickshaw drivers denied going to the hospital at night.

Suddenly, on the advice of Raju, son of the upazila chairman, a phone call was made to ASP Anwar Hossain Shamim, Commander of RAB-9’s Sreemangal camp. Two minutes later he rushed to that home. Everyone got surprised. Nirmal added that the commander quickly picked up his aunt. After arriving at the hospital, the commander placed the pregnant in the operating theater. Nirmal and his relatives were overwhelmed over the incident.  Meanwhile, the mother has given birth to a male child. The mother and son are now healthy, Nirmal said in the Facebook post.

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