Swagata sending Sehri for helpless

Published: ২৮/০৪/২০

Actress Zinat Sanu Swagata arranges Sehri for helpless people in this time of coronavirus crisis. She has been doing this job since the first Ramadan. Swagata said “There is no servant at home due to the current situation. As a result, I can’t prepare Sehri for too many people. I am trying my best according to ability.”

She said the cooked food was being collected away by volunteers. They are collecting food from many others like her. Volunteers are distributing them among the helpless.

Swagata won the You Got the Look competition in 2005. Since then she has been working regularly on the screen. Swagata made her big-screen debut in 2006 with Manna at a film named Shatru Shatru Khela.

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