Mahipur Thana Juba League’s exceptional initiative – secretly gifting Iftar items in the dark of night

Published: ২৮/০৪/২০

Mahipur Thana, who was on lockdown for the infection of the Corona virus, extended his support. The Eid-e-Adha is being organised by the Mahaipur Thana Ofanin in the city of Muzaffarnagar.

From April 25, every night in the private initiative of M. Mizanur Rahman Bullet Akan and Yugan Aam Aadmi Party Member Masud Rana, the employees of the Mahapur Thana Sadar Union and the Kuakata Municipality have been secreting rice, rice, rice, rice, rice, sugar, bhasi, tan, mud, palm, chira, chira in the homes of the unemployed, middle and low income people. Distributed among two hundred families. At the stage, the poor fishermen, fishermen and working families of the sea-faring seas including Theo-ThamanKha, Dhassar, Latachapali Union will be provided with the ef-efposition.

Throughout the month of Ramadan, the invitee and joint organizer of Mahipur Thana, the chief minister of the state, said that the festival will provide food and food. These Iftar items are secretly brought home by the leaders of the Stables. The event is being offered on the invitation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the direction of the Chairman and General Secretary of the Central Executive Committee of Bangladesh Awami League, said M. Mizanur Rahman, the chairman of the Thana-E-Bangladesh.

The district leaders, including the advocate Arifuzzaman Roni, who is the convener of the Muzaffarnagar District Council, are also assisting. Bullet Acon also said that Mahipur Thana is with the people in the service of humanity, and will remain in the future.

Masud Rana, joint organizer of thana,, said the country’s people are now in a state of jobless danger due to the Kerna virus epidemic. The crisis has been a time of great cooperation from the People of The Mahapur Thana. There are many people who have no food or food in their homes, no iftar, he said.

They will be at home without eating, or they can’t come to help people. Thinking about these people, we’re secretly delivering food items, including the Iftar, at home at night. Masud Rana said that their service will continue throughout the month of Ramadan.

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