Rice distributed to 500 unemployed people in The Amtali Sadar Union’s Corona

Published: ২৭/০৪/২০

Kabir Dewan, Amtali: Ten kg of rice has been distributed to the people who are unemployed in the epidemic Coronavirus in Amtali, Barguna. The humanitarian food assistance measures provided by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina have been distributed to 500 men and women in 9 wards of the Amtali Sadar Union, maintaining social distance. On Monday at 12 noon, the rice distribution programme was inaugurated at the Amtali Sadar Union Parishad Complex by Upazila Executive Officer Monira Parvin.

Among others present at the time were Executive Magistrate SMN Jamiul Hikma, Lt Commander of the Navy, Tanveer Ahmed, UP Chairman Md. Motaharuddin Merdha, Tag Officer Upazila Social Services Officer Md. Hemaituddin, UP Member, Journalist and Permanent Persons.

The five hundred members of the Amtali Sadar Union, who have been left unemployed in Corona, have been distributed 10 kg of humanitarian food assistance to each person by the Prime Minister, said Monira Parvin, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

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