Hindu young woman distributes herself to fasting people by making iftar

Published: ২৭/০৪/২০

The most familiar faces of the Tilotma Shikdar are the ones who are known. Especially the ones who know him. He is also a member of the Daksu. He was a leader of the Daksur in addition to politics. The central leader of the state, Tilotma Shikdar, has also been discussing a different humanitarian initiative during ramadan. Sufia of Dhaka University

Kamal Hall’s former general secretary, Tilotma is deputy cultural affairs secretary for central students. He lives in the poet Sufia Kamal Hall. He left his hometown of Barisal 3-4 days before the announcement of a lockdown to prevent the coronavirus. You didn’t think there would be a lockdown for this long. So he can’t come to Dhaka now. Meanwhile, the month of Ramadan begins on Saturday (April 25th). Many people in the lower reaches on lockdown

He is forced to fast without eating. Uncertain event. The people stood by the leader of the Daksu, the leader of the party, Tilotma Shikdar. Iftar started cooking at home from the first Ramadan. The house-made Iftar is being run by the people of Barisal. The first Ramadan to the last Ramadan. A woman of traditional religion is a unique example of a human initiative. Not just that

Tilotma Shikdar stands next to students who are in danger due to the lockdown. Tilotma is helping to collect the names of students who have lost their tuition or alternative income due to the lockdown. The world is a buzz

He is sending money to the students to develop. The people who are trapped in their houses and nearby houses; Tilotma is sending 10 kg of rice, two kilos of pulses, two litres of oil and flour as a gift. Send money to phone and bKash and buy these gift items

He’s giving the students home. Meanwhile, 21 students and 11 students have been sent to bKash for Rs 2,000 to avoid losing their minds over the coronavirus crisis. Tilotma Shikdar, a fourth year student in the Department of Science and Management at Dhaka University, spoke about these issues.

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