RAB-8 distributes relief in Galachipa I am by people’s side in any need to prevent coronavirus

Published: ২৭/০৪/২০

Sanjib Das, Galachipa: Additional Police Superintendent, Raith Uddin, who is the company commander of the camp, told reporters at 10 am on Monday that no matter what the risk is, the RAB-8 is always on the side of the people. “We are working on the risk of death even if there is a high risk,” he added. I’m always in charge of the people.

The corona virus has spread to the world. The virus has also been hit in Bangladesh. Raab is working tirelessly in the field of Galachipa upazila in the district of Muzaffarnagar to prevent infection. They have to go to different places, to meet with different people. Many people feel that the RAB members are at risk. Maintain social distance. Do not leave the house without need.

Wash your hands for 20 seconds after a while. This will reduce the risk. The ordinary people were moved by the brave actions of the RAB and prayed for them. Later, the RAB-8 members distributed relief to 20 members of the Bede group in the haridevpur sand field. Md. Raithuddin Bede told the party members, “You will not worry that there will always be relief for you.

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