Food distribution at the initiative of Australia Juba Dal

Published: ২৭/০৪/২০

Under the direction of the country’s leader Mr. Tarek Rahman, on the advice of central BNP leader Mr. Hamidur Rahman Hamid, the national youth’s Australia branch’s struggling president Yasir Arafat Green brothers, with their own financial support, were distributed at various places in 38nong wards including wari, Jaikali Temple, BNP Party Office, and the capital as a two-day food gift to the affected party leaders and 250 families affected by the CoVID-19.

The deputy general secretary of the Youth Central Committee, Ziaur Rahman Zia, Wari Thana, the organizing secretary of the Bangladesh Association of Bangladesh, Ghulam Mostafa Salim, former VP of Bangladesh Homeopathic Medical College and President of HDAB, Dr. Shafiul Alam Nadeem, the convener of the Joint Homeopathic Alliance, Dr. Arifur Rahman Mollah, Member Secretary Mojibula Mojib, Joint Commissioner Dr. A.K.M. Zakir Hossain, Dr. Abul Khair Bhuya, Dr. Mohammad Ali.

The leaders of the college branch including Ghulam Maola, President of 38nong Ward Youth, Faisal Mehboob Mizu, General Secretary of bangladesh Homeopathic Medical College Branch, Vice President, Shaheed Islam Sohel Sheikh, Student Leader Mohidur Rahman Ruman and Assistant Secretary Ramadan Aam Aadmi Party were present.

Yasir Arafat Green, President of Australia Youth and former co-editor of Dhaka Mahanagar Youth, expressed his determination to remain on the side of the poor and continue to distribute food items as long as the disaster continues.

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