The BCL leader distributed her hand-made iftar soaked in the rain

Published: ২৭/০৪/২০

In the rain, VJ distributed its own hand-made Iftar material by the leader of the party, The Leader of the Council of The University of Dhaka, and Tilotama Sikdar, a member of the Daksu. He handed over the Iftar to the floating and hardworking people, ignoring the heavy rain in Barisal city this Sunday afternoon.

Uploading photos of the distribution of TheIftar material to his Facebook page, he wrote, “The food prepared will be wasted despite the heavy rain outside, while thinking of the unemployed people who are in the middle of the second day of Ramadan, at the gates of the people who are eating at the gates of the Eid. ‘
In just 40 minutes, he has 8,000 likes on Facebook, nearly 150,000 comments, nearly two hundred shares. A traditional religious girl’s humanitarian initiative is a unique example of harmony that many on social media have been praising.

The Ramadan began yesterday, Tilotma said. This time, it’s different from the one in Corona. Many people do not have the right to have an Iftar because of the crisis in The Corona. Many people don’t have food in their homes. And there are no shops on the streets because of the lockdown. So I went out on the street making the Eid at home from ramadan. I distributed the Iftar to hundreds of people on Saturday, following social distances. It was raining heavily today. I have distributed the Food of the Day in the rain, thinking that the food will be wasted and that the people who are floating, poor and helpless will be destroyed.

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