The miscreants destroyed the melons worth lakhs of rupees by forbidding them to eat fao

Published: ২৫/০৪/২০

The miscreants have cut off the millions of rupees of the two fields by cutting them off for food. The incident took place in the village of Panchuria in the Village of The Kalikhali Upazila of the Raj Bhavan. However, a landlord has filed a complaint with Kalukhali police station, which has arrested 17 people in the incident. It is reported that The son of Abdul Khalek Mondal of the village, Baban Mondal and Sayed Mondal, son of The City Ali, planted about three birds in the field near the house.

Baban Mondal says that he also takes Jami Biga and planted the bangi as usual every year. A group of miscreants from the nearby village of Charkultia sometimes came to his field and forced him to eat and take them away for free. The miscreants came to his field on Thursday evening. They call on mobile without getting a ripe bangi in the field and they ask them to come to the field with two ripe bangis and salt. He brought his younger brother Tapan Mondal with him in fear of two bangis and salt.

The bad guys eat the bangi. He then forbidden them to take them to Bangi. They were angry and beat him and his brother in a very bad way. After a while, the evildoers came to the field and left the ruins of the fields of sayed and nearby Sayed. Later, they came to the field and saw the incident.

The IC police inspector of the Margi Police Investigation Centre, Kalam Khan, said he visited the scene on Friday morning. He also launched an operation to arrest the culprits. However, they could not be detained. The farmer, Baban Mondal, has filed a complaint with the Kalukhali police station.

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