Save us 5 Bangladeshis from Saudi

Published: ২৩/০৪/২০

Brother, save us. Only you (the journalists) can save us. Morning and night, half-plated rice in the afternoon. That’s how we live. We have to leave the world if we live in a house like this for a while. “The same way, the video call from a solitary room in The Hill Nagara City near Dammam, Saudi Arabia, was made by the messenger, Jillur Rahman, Ilyaich Hossain, Ujjal Hossain, And ibul Hossain, revolution hossain and Rockybul Islam of the village of Hijalbaria in gangni district of Mehrpur. They made the video call at 8 pm on Wednesday (April 22).

These helpless expatriates said that They came here on October 15 last year with a sum of Six Lakh through Nahid Hussain, son of Yachin Ali from Hijlbaria village. Nahid brought us here on the condition that he would work for the company as an airport cleaner as per his agreement. He brought us here and worked for a company called Jechmin. Seven months into their company, we worked. But they ran away without paying the salary. We have moved eight houses since we were brought here. I don’t even eat. Nahid hasn’t made us IP yet. I’m living in a room with a bunch of garbage. Save us, brother. Save us.

They also said that our family members now threaten, threaten and beat nahid when they ask for money and ask us to get us back. Shows the power of the party. A written complaint has been filed with the Police Super. Nahid Hossain, who is accused, said they were working there through the government labor court and received salaries. They’ve been given 21 riyals per head for IP. But they have not yet got the IP of that country.

Nahid also said that the Prime Minister knows the matter. Because of the problems that Have been faced in the past, a secretary from The Gangni has been able to get through the embassy of both countries. There was also a well-being at the office of the police super of the city. They’ve been working several times. They’ve been given work at the oil pump. They just mess with us without working for about three months. We’re working as cleaners now.

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