Maria’s call on coronavirus days

Published: ২৩/০৪/২০

Maria Nur, a popular host on the small screen, model, and actress, has called to follow some rules on the coronavirus days. “Inshallah, we will overcome this situation very soon. And for this, all you have to do is to stay at home,” she urged everyone in an Instagram post recently.

“Respect for doctors, nurses, health workers, law enforcers, who are working tirelessly. I urged everyone to comply with the sanctions and regulations given by them,” she also said. She added that although the beginning of the year was not good, the end should be good. “Let us all pray for that.”

Maria Nur started her career as a radio jockey. Then got popularity by hosting television programs. She worked on multiple cricket shows. Along with the TV host, she also regularly plays in advertising. However, she did very little work in the drama.

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