4 corona virus detected in Rangabali

Published: ২২/০৪/২০

Sanjib Das, Galachipa: For the first time, four persons have been identified in rangabali in the district of Muzaffarnagar. This information was confirmed by the district administrator, Mo. Motiul Islam Chowdhury. The information was released through a press release on Tuesday. One of the victims of the attack in Corona is a doctor and the other three are from India. It is reported that a group of seven people came to The Tablig Jamaat-e-Rangabali upazila from India last month.

The Upazila administration ordered them to be kept in quarantine after learning about the issue. The sample of the seven persons was later collected. Three out of 7 people have come positive. Also, a local deputy assistant community medical officer was identified as the victim in Corona. However, it was not clear how the doctor had come. Locals said thousands of people came from Dhaka and Narayanganj by truck carrying watermelons in Rangabali.

No one who doesn’t mean quarantine. This is why this upazila is currently at risk. That’s a medical sample. Locals demand more samples from here. Rangabali Upazila CEO Mo. Mashfakur Rahman said the identified persons were kept in quarantine. They are currently safe. However, if the corona virus is found among them, they will be sent to the hospital for better treatment.

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