Beggar donates Tk 10,000 to UNO`s relief fund

Published: ২২/০৪/২০

A beggar has donated Tk 10,000 to the UNO’s Relief Fund for food assistance to the unemployed in Jhenaigati of Sherpur. The beggar handed over the money to UNO Rubel Mahmud at Batiagaon area of ​​Malizhikanda union of the Upazila on Tuesday afternoon. Beggar Nozimuddin had saved the money by begging in the last two years to repair his broken house. The 80-year-old beggar is identified as the son of Year Ali of Gandhigaon village in Kangsha union.

Nozimuddin told to media persons “I have saved this money in the past two years by begging to repair my broken house. I didn’t repair the house now as poor people are suffering so much, so I give it to the UNO sir to donates the poor. According to local sources, government and private food aid are being provided to the homeless and destitute people who are under house arrest to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Last Sunday, under the direction of UNO Rubel Mamud, members of The Pacific Club, a local voluntary organization for food aid, and members of the local UP went to Gandhigaon village to compile a list of unemployed and helpless poor people.

At that time, they also went to Nozimuddin’s house and was informed that he would be given food items by UNO. They asked him for his national identity card later. At that time, Nozimuddin requested not to be named in the list. And said He has begged and saved Tk10,000 in the last two years to repair his house. He wants to donate the money voluntarily to the relief fund of the Upazila Executive Officer for the assistance of the poor under the current circumstances. Later today, in the presence of the members of the club and local UP members, Nozimuddin handed over the money to UNO.

In this regard, UNO Rubel Mahmud said, the donation of beggar Nozimuddin is a perfect example of generosity. He urged the rich to stand beside helpless people during this disaster.

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