Free Vegetable Market in Kuakata

Published: ২০/০৪/২০

Anwar Hossain Anu, Kuakata: Municipal corporation leader Tuhin Dewan has set up a free-for-all market in Kuakata for the families of the disabled and the helpless in the NovelCorona virus. On April 20 (Monday) the cuakata beach is home to about a hundred families living in Lagoa, with a lot of loo, a dash, sweet pumpkin, a kachan pepper. Reha, he distributes all kinds of vegetables, including the whole of the world, for free. The leaders of the jamaat including Tuhin Dewan, who have been keeping the social distance, have given the worktological life to the unemployed.

The municipal leaders including Md. Rubel Khan, the leader of the Mahaipur Thana branch, were present. Bangladesh’s Bangladesh-bangladesh district branch president Hassan Shikdar has said that the vegetable market is free. The beach on the south side of the naval station east of the Kuakata Zero Point is a source of misery for about a hundred families and hundreds of families living in the grip of the Corona virus epidemic, said the leader of the group, Tuhin Dewan.

These working families on lockdown are unable to buy kachan market despite the lack of funds for government emergency food assistance. He has set up a market of vegetables in his own way, on the orders of district magistrate Hassan Sikdar. The helpless people are very happy to receive these free-for-alls.

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