In corona, The Romrama leaked her “colorful world” video

Published: ১৯/০৪/২০

A Bangladeshi model and actress. He won the Miss Bangladesh title in 2007. She was a model before she joined the acting world. Pia appeared in the film world in 2012 with the film Chorabali. His fame in films and his representation in bangladesh in various international arenas further enhanced his fame. But the familiar face is pia, now known to everyone with the presentation.

He is seen in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) regularly. Though he was not seen in the last Bengali BPL. Love cricket. He tries to enjoy the game from the field. Pia also presented a private television series on the country’s soil. He also made his presentation at the Cricket World Cup in England. But sometimes he stays at the negotiating table. Pia is very active on social media. He comes in every form. Sometimes in a nude picture. Sometimes, in a fit or a little domestic way.

Recently, he uploaded some of the photos and wrote his name on the discussion table. He published a photo on Saturday (April 18th). The one who comes to the comments of the kingdom. One of them, Sohag, wrote, “Apu uploaded the pictures in such a vulgar way. I love you, and many people say that it is not the case that the color of the image is not given to the corona during this period. Some say he likes to be a ram. It’s actually what one’s got a taste for. Yet, it’s so much about celebrity.

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