Relief distributed to the helpless families in Galachipa

Published: ১৮/০৪/২০

SM Shahzada MP distributes rice, dal, potatoes, oil, onions from 12 unions and 1 2 hundred poor families in 1 municipality from the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund in Galachipa, Dhaka. In this regard, the relief was distributed in collaboration with the president, general secretary, chairman, tax officer, and the president of the awami league of the District.

On Saturday morning, the Prime Minister delivered the relief to the poor in The Village of Noluabagi in Golkhali Union, led by the organizing secretary of Upazila A’Lig, Whoares Hussain. The Prime Minister’s funding has been distributed to the poor, said The Minister of State for Finance, Mr. Hossain. The UPA members of each ward have been asked to go home and give relief to the poor in order to avoid getting involved in the corona virus. The chairman of the Amkhola Union, Mo. “The Prime Minister’s relief is being delivered to the poor in my union,” Monir Hossain said.

Public awareness warning about the Corona virus. “I am providing relief to the poor in my union with the funding of the Janakshta Sheikh Hasina,” said Sajjad Hossain Riad, chairman of the Chiknikandi Union. Abu Zafar Khan, chairman of the Bokulbaria Union and president of the Union A’Lig, said, “I am bringing the relief of the prime minister, Jan-E-Shita Sheikh Hasina, to all the poor in my union with the a’lig leader staff.

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