Free vegetable market opens for poor in Kalapara

Published: ১৮/০৪/২০

College branch of the college has set up a free vegetable market for the poor who are left unemployed in the Corona virus situation in Kalapara, Dhaka. On Friday morning, the market was opened by the president of the Kalapara government Mezahar Uddin Trust College Branch, Hiran Mia and the editor hassanjan Ami Ghazi, at Madras Road in the municipal city.

10 different vegetables including potatoes, purple, tomatoes, sweet pumpkin, dish, pui shak, kacha pepper, korola are kept in this market. On the first day, nearly two hundred families took the vegetables they needed from the free vegetable market. However, the free vegetable market will open on Friday and Friday until 1 pm on two days of the week. Many have expressed their dispassionate efforts.

We have helped many people without work, said Hassanjahan Ami Ghazi, editor of the Kalapara government Mezhar Uddin Trust College Branch. They just ate rice with potatoes and lentils. That’s why I started this free vegetable market with my own money. Anyone in this market can increase the hand of cooperation. Open to all.

Hiron Mia, president of the Kalapara government Mezhar Uddin Trust College, said that the Corona virus has opened a free vegetable market for the poor people who are left unemployed under the circumstances. He said that this continuation will continue.


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