Google chief reveals workers’ concern over Corona

Published: ১৭/০৪/২০

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet, sent an e-mail to his staff. In an e-mail, he mentioned how his organization can succeed by overcoming the impact of the global economy on the effects of the coronvirus. He also gave some guidance to the staff. Google’s e-mail mentions several steps, including how to make investments profitable, discourage employee travel, and revaluation of investments.

Nice Pichai told workers by e-mail that the plan must now be worked out to sustain long-term growth. The success of the organization has to be sustained by learning from the past. “In the last two months, we have been forced to close the First Google office in Asia,” he said. Many of us lost loved ones because of the coronavirus. Many are still fighting the virus. My condolences to all. ‘We’ve passed the first half of 2020. None of us knew what our fate was. We never thought we’d have to sit in our house and work in the office. He said, “Nice pichai.”

“We are now doing our best to challenge this situation,” the Google chief said. We must now face this global challenge with accurate information. That’s why we need to keep all the products and services running properly. We need to provide unique content to our users. So that they trust us. In an e-mail, Sundar Pichai, referring to Google’s financial support for combating the coronavirus, added, “We have already pledged to provide more than 800 million donations to combat the coronavirus. We also plan to provide business-friendly advertising and loans to our content creator, small and medium enterprises.

We’re also offering $50 million and another $250 million from for our Google community. “As a result of these initiatives, we believe that public-sector institutions, public health institutions, will succeed in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. We are also providing a variety of data that can prevent the epidemic by maintaining social distances. We are working with tech giant Apple to ensure the preparation and supply of various applications, software and above all PPE, life saving medical equipment.

In a bid to show patience during the epidemic, Sundar Pichai added, “I am proud that we are all working together for the company. Next week, next month, we have a mission to survive. The economic collapse that took place in 2008 has also been a blow. Now we have a long way to go. However, Google and Alphabet are also suffering from the economic downturn. So it will be difficult to add new staff in the coming days even if new investments are made. The beautiful Pichai workers are advised to work in groups by paving the way for a tough situation. He expressed optimism that Google will succeed in meeting the challenges of the next day.

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